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Launching the Citizen Portal

Jenefer has 25 years of experience in the IT industry, and knows that the first 24 months of a new application, like the Citizen Portal, are an opportunity for refinement. She is well placed to take the feedback from taxpayers and staff to maximize the County’s investment in the Citizen Portal, to ensure it continues to be easy to access and use, provides relevant information and helps taxpayers complete their tax forms.

Streamline Business Tax Reporting

The current Business Personal Property Tax assessment methodology is overly complex and no longer reflects the new technologies present in most business asset, which causes reporting errors. Jenefer is working on a program to simplify Business Personal Property Taxes, so business owners have a predictable tax assessment and spend less time on tax reporting and more time on their businesses.

Federal Income Tax Reporting

Jenefer is planning to extend the State Income Tax preparation and processing service already offered to citizens to include Federal Income Tax reporting. In her third term, her office will partner with the IRS to become a VITA site, to assist citizens earning $60,000 or less per year to complete their Federal Income Tax returns.

Commitment to People and Public Service

"Elected to Serve" is the motto of the Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia, and it is foundational to Jenefer's leadership of her office. She will continue to be a resource and advocate in the community. Taxes pay for public services, and it's critical that taxpayers know that their hard earned tax contribution is accurate, and that everyone is paying their fair share. 

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