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Launching the Citizen Portal

Citizens’ most requested service has always been for a way to get their local taxes done online. In 2022, the Jenefer secured the financial resources and pulled together a team to design and implement a Citizen Portal, which launched successfully in December 2022. Citizens can now renew their business licenses, review and file their business and personal property taxes, apply for tax relief and many other functions, all online.


DMV Select

In 2021, Jenefer led an initiative to launch a DMV Select, which provides vehicle related DMV services to taxpayers. This has been a well-received service expansion, at minimal additional cost to taxpayers. It’s a great example of Jenefer’s commitment to sound financial stewardship, learnt over her thirty year career as a financial and operational leader in Corporate America, where every dollar spent is expected to generate value.


Senior and Disabled Citizen Tax Relief

Jenefer is committed to serving all her constituents, especially those who have contributed to the community all their lives. As a result of her advocacy, the Board of Supervisors has simplified the application process for the Seniors and Disabled Citizens’ Tax Relief program and implemented an annual review and increase in the income thresholds, to ensure participants remain in the program. Since 2020, the threshold below which tax relief has increased by 15%, from $52,000 to $60,000.

Spanish Language Services

The Latinx community in Chesterfield is a vibrant, growing community. In order to better serve this community, Jenefer initiated a program to provide Spanish language services and documents in her office. The first Spanish speaking employee was hired in 2018, and was awarded her five year service pin this year.


Commitment to People and Public Service

Assessing taxes and administering the law are the Commissioner of the Revenue’s statutory duties, but the role of the Commissioner of the Revenue is so much more. Above all, it is a people-focused public service. Jenefer’s leadership is focused on putting people at the center of her public service and that means taking care of the staff who take care of taxpayers. She has built an employee-centric culture, which fosters continuous learning and development; values service to the community and each other; and promotes professional growth within the organization. Her team is diverse, competent and experienced, who are proud to serve the citizens of Chesterfield County.

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