Customer Service

Transferred staff into business team to increase resources for the business community

Developed standard operating procedures for issuing business licenses and assess business personal property

Cross trained staff across teams, to reduce taxpayer wait time and better manage workloads during tax season

Led two ordinance changes: 1) Seniors and disabled citizens now re-apply for real estate tax relief every three years instead of every year; 2) Antique vehicles are now exempt from personal property tax

Relocated tax relief and state income tax team to main lobby to improve customer flow for less mobile taxpayers

Developed formal process for identifying taxpayers served over the phone, to ensure their data is protected

Partnered with County Learning & Performance team to deliver customer service training and knowledge sharing

Included newsletter with pertinent assessment information to drive greater transparency

Enhanced social media presence to highlight Commissioner of the Revenue news, operations and community presence

Added Spanish speaking staff to serve the Latino community

Improved attendance at community events to hear community feedback and promote the services provided

Partnered with General Services to have handicap ramp, canopy and automated doors built to assist elderly and disabled taxpayers

Refurbished lobby to create a more inviting space for taxpayers


Technology & Process Innovations

Completed post production period for new tax management system, closing out project and transitioning to operations management

Created training materials, tutorials and support for adoption of the new tax management application

Partnered with Treasurer and County IT department to open project for launch of customer web portal

Introduced address validation application to trace taxpayers, update records and reduce return mail

Required all staff to take County technology certification to upgrade technical skills

Introduced address validation application to improve accuracy of taxpayer data and reduce cost of return mail

Developed automated data matching, for example state income tax data to vehicle records and gross receipts data for compliance purposes

DMV files uploaded weekly to improve accuracy of vehicle assessment and billing

Investment in the Team

Revamped career development program to include professional classes from the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Association, accredited by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Policy

Enhanced performance evaluation process  to include employee input on performance and goal setting for upcoming year

Increased employee support and accountability through regular management and one-on-one meetings

Partnered with local colleges to provide training opportunities for internships

Streamlined hiring process to identify, select and bring on board quality staff in a timely manner

Fostered culture of teamwork, collaboration and knowledge sharing, through regular leadership meetings and cross functional projects

Focused on diversity and inclusion to build a staff that represents the community we live in

Participated in Kids’ Summer Food at the Chesterfield Food Bank (over 110 volunteer hours!) and other County events

Allowed employee association to organize monthly events like decorating for Christmas, Valentine’s and Earth Day to bring some fun to our daily work!

Created exhibition space to highlight community events, like Black History and Women’s History month

Gained approval from County to renovate 1980’s style restrooms and break room

Fairness & Compliance

Elevated technical skills and professional environment to create an organization-wide focus on making sure every citizen and business is assessed fairly and equitably in accordance with the law

Re-commenced auditing income tax returns to identify vehicles used for business purposes but reported by taxpayer as personal vehicles, to recover personal property tax relief: recovered $1 million in 2018

Developed a standard process for auditing gross receipts and business personal property and applied it to 2018 returns, recovering $1.2 million

Trained team in field audit work and applied process to gas stations, which are complex for licensing purposes, to ensure they are correctly set up

Changed boat assessment methodology to align with vehicle assessment methodology to better meet the constitutional standards of uniformity and fair market valuation

Developed training materials to educate the business community on business licensing and local tax requirements

Simplified brochure with instructions on business tax requirements to make it easier to follow for new business owners

Integrity      Proven Leadership      Innovative Solutions     Elected to Serve


                                                                                              Paid for authorized by Friends of Jenefer Hughes