Jenefer was elected on a commitment to modernize the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office to better serve Chesterfield County citizens.

Jenefer has a track record of meeting her commitments. Her new organization is aligned to fulfill the statutory responsibilities of the Commissioner of the Revenue, with leaders empowered to  manage their teams to deliver an effective service.  The staff is encouraged to use their expertise and ideas to improve the way they work and to provide an outstanding customer experience to our fellow Chesterfield taxpayers.

Thank you for your support!

The results speak for themselves. The new organization focuses on teamwork and collaboration and has created opportunities for cross training and knowledge sharing.  Technology and process innovations have significantly increased productivity.  Most importantly, taxpayers are made to feel welcome and served by a well qualified staff, whose job is to make sure they receive the help they need.

There is still a lot of work to do. Future plans include launching an online customer portal; re-focusing compliance procedures to drive fairness and equitability in the assessment process and elevating the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office as a valuable resource to the community.

Jenefer is running for re-election on November 5th to continue the great work she started in 2017.

Integrity      Proven Leadership      Innovative Solutions     Elected to Serve


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