Jenefer has accomplished much in her first year in office

She has focused on the fundamentals to a successful customer service-oriented organization: putting the right people in the right place, developing a common mission and goals and creating an environment where they are empowered to use their expertise and initiative to deliver excellent service to taxpayers. However, there is still a lot more to do, and that is why Jenefer is running for re-election.

Enhancing Taxpayer options for engaging with the Commissioner's Office

Right now, taxpayers can handle their business with the Commissioner of the Revenue in the office and over the phone, fax or email, but not online. The new tax management system has an option for a frontend customer portal, which allows taxpayers to perform functions like verifying their vehicle records and renewing their business licenses online. Jenefer has taken the lead to get the project prioritized with County IT and the vendor. The online portal is targeted for launch in 2020.

Simplify annual reporting for the business community

The current business forms, which include the business license application and returns of business personal property and machinery and tools, were developed decades ago. They can be complicated to complete and error prone. Jenefer is committed to simplifying the application and reporting process for businesses, so they can focus on serving their customers not figuring out how to complete a tax form.

Expanding community presence and outreach

Jenefer believes, as an elected official, she and her team need to be accessible and present in the community. It’s important to get feedback from the community as to their priorities (online is a big one!) and to educate citizens on what the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office can do for them. Jenefer is investing resources to support community outreach efforts including attendance at County and community events, social media presence and speaking engagements.

Leveraging technology for reporting and decision support

The next step to maximizing the County’s $4 million investment in the new tax management system is to add data querying and reporting capability as a powerful tool for things like revenue forecasting, economic development activities, revitalization efforts and resource prioritization. (Note: Individual taxpayer data captured by the Commissioner of the Revenue is protected from disclosure by the Code of Virginia S58.1-3. Summarized data can be disclosed.)

Creating a systematic compliance program to assist the business community

Up until now, compliance strategy has been passive – the team used outdated manual procedures to assess and verify what taxpayers had reported to the Commissioner of the Revenue. The business tax team has seen significant change in personnel and is now positioned to leverage technology and updated procedures to develop a compliance program that not only validates data already reported but identifies gaps out in the business community. This includes identifying unlicensed businesses, appropriate classification and completing accurate asset lists. Specific next steps over the next 12 months planned are building an accurate inventory of businesses in the county by canvassing and targeting specific industry segments, where significant reporting gaps exist.

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